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How to Find the Best Commercial Real Estate Agent

Are you searching for suitable business space for leasing but wondering where to start from? The searching process can be challenging, but it can be seamless with the help of a reputable commercial real estate agent. But, not every commercial real estate agent will help you get the right business space. Some are in the market to enrich themselves at your expense. 

Some good qualities you should look for in a commercial realtor are: specialize in commercial leasing, have experience and preferably, operate within your area of interest. In addition to these qualities, there are a few other things you’ll need to watch out for to find the best commercial real estate agent to help find a suitable business space for leasing.

First, Identify Your Needs

Before searching for a credible commercial realtor, determine the type of business space you need. Are you looking to lease office space or an industrial warehouse? In what area of North Houston do you want to operate? How much space and what is your lease budget? With sufficient answers to these questions, you’ll have an easy time narrowing it down to the ideal commercial realtor. And the answers will also help the potential realtor to get quick results.

Do Your Due Diligence

Do not just settle for the realtor who appears on your search results. Take your time and investigate if the agent checks all your boxes. Does the agent have a general understanding of the nature of the business you’re interested in? Do they know the target customer base, local regulations, and other factors that can influence the prosperity of your business? Such an understanding will help the agent scout for the best business premises for the type of business you’re doing.

Check how knowledgeable the agent is in the particular area where you’re interested in having your business. A versed realtor will tell you about the factors affecting local business people in that area of town. These factors include security and local laws, among others. The commercial real estate agent should also be familiar with the paperwork required.

Experience & Reputation

How many years has the potential realtor been in business in Houston? Besides having a good understanding of the commercial real estate industry, an experienced realtor has reliable connections in the commercial space. They know where to get a suitable business space for your budget without wasting time. How about professional connections to help you move to the new business location? Professional connections are useful whenever you’re setting up a business in a new location. An experienced commercial realtor has professional connections that a novice realtor lacks. 

While looking at the realtor’s experience, be keen on what other people say about their services. Check on the ratings and reviews on their website and customer feedback on their social media platforms. You can also search for the reviews of the potential realtor online.

Accessibility & Responsiveness

If the realtor is not available to answer your questions before signing an agreement with them, they’re not worth your time. The best commercial real estate agent should be available to respond to your questions in a prompt manner. Communication is key and highly important in any business deal so settle for nothing less than excellent!

After going through the steps above, you can now narrow down your list of potential commercial realtors and seal a deal. And if there is a next time, you’ll have a better idea of working with a commercial realtor!

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