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How to Choose a Warehouse Space to Lease for Your Business

Choosing the right warehouse space for lease is not as simple as it sounds. There are several important factors to consider beyond the right space at the right price. First, your warehouse partner must be a team you can trust, both to take care of the property and protect your goods. If you will be partnering with your warehouse for order fulfillment, you will also want a team you can build a real camaraderie with. Below are the key elements that every business should look for in their warehouse space for lease.

6 Things to Consider when Choosing a Warehouse Space to Lease

1. The Right Amount of Space

Naturally, you’ll need the right space for your storage needs. This is measured in square feet or floor space, depending on how your cargo can be stacked. Some warehouse for lease space comes with vertical racks, some are open garages to do whatever your business needs. Find the right size storage space (at the right price) and compare all spaces that fit your size and price qualifications.

2. The Right Conditions for Your Product

Does your product need refrigeration, protection from dust, or added security? The right warehouse space for lease will be able to accommodate your product needs. Ask about how the warehouse space is maintained and tour each space to fully understand the conditions and amenities available. Then determine if the space is ideal for your inventory, storage, or shipping business needs.

3. The Perfect Location for Your Business

A great business location is one right in the center of your routes. Hardy Properties is located close to IAH Airport and next to major freeways. Your warehouse space should be accessible and easy to become a part of your business routine. Whether this is order fulfillment, restocking stores, or supplying your manufacturing chain, location matters. The more centrally located and easy to route your warehouse is, the better it will be for your total business efficiency.

4. Accessible for Trucks and Routing

The lot itself also needs to be accessible. Is there plenty of space for trucks to dock, turn around, and depart? If you make deliveries, can your drivers get through? Is there a challenging intersection near the turn-in or a steep slope that makes navigation challenging? There is not! Great warehouses are easy to navigate around and are accessible for all involved vehicles. You can check that box right now because Hardy Properties is spread out giving customers a lot of room to conduct business.

5. Flex Space for Storage and Offices

Flex space can happen when your business experiences seasonal or occasional surges. You might, for two months out of the year, need additional storage space. Or maybe you need a few extra offices for your seasonal team, annual interns, or rotating managers. Warehouse space on a diverse property like an industrial park can offer you a variety of both direct and nearby flex space for your business needs.

6. A Team You Can Trust

Finally, you need a commercial property team that meshes well with your core team. Your team will be accepting loads from suppliers, tending the warehouse, and potentially managing your shipping and deliveries. And if anything comes up, they need a solid support system to make sure business operations continue. Hardy Properties has an excellent team that you can count on. Book a tour and let us show you real Texas hospitality!

Warehouse Space at Hardy Properties Business Park

Here at Hardy Properties at Intercontinental Business Park, we manage nearly 865,000 SF of flexible commercial space. From warehouse space to medical office, you can find the curated commercial property that your business needs. You can trust our beautiful oak-lined business park to provide the accessibility, convenience, and modern features that every business requires of a location to thrive. With these guiding points, you’ll quickly find exactly the warehouse space that works best for your business and customer base.

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