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Retain Top Talent in the New Normal

Between the pandemic and Winter Storm Uri, 2020 and early 2021 were lamentable times here in Harris County. As the nation reopens and restrictions are lifted, your best employees are eager to get back to work. Small business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves scaling but unsure of what to look for in office or warehouse commercial space. Many wonder how to make their employees feel comfortable and productive in the “new normal.”

Here at Hardy Properties at Intercontinental, we know the right space matters to your business. And the only factor more important than your space is your staff. Today, we present an actionable guide for smaller organizations to boost employee confidence in the wake of COVID-19.

4 Steps to Retaining Employees after COVID-19

1. Rewrite the Employee Handbook — Be Careful About Vaccination Status as Employment Criteria

Use the employee handbook to address staff concerns about:

  • Social distancing
  • Hand hygiene
  • Tool sharing and sanitization
  • When to call in sick
  • And vaccination status

Note that requiring COVID-19 vaccines as a prerequisite to work might infringe on your employees’ rights.

So be thoughtful about your employee handbook updates. One wouldn’t want to court an employment discrimination lawsuit.

Then, be sure to offer hand hygiene/workspace cleaning opportunities.

2. Provide Hand Hygiene Stations and Signage

Your employees are hyper-aware of hand hygiene now. Can you blame them? They’ve been inundated with continual messaging for a whole year. Your goal as an employer is to support their concerns. Make hand hygiene a part of your corporate culture, and be loud about it!

Support their concerns with:

  • Access to handwashing stations at the workplace
  • Plenty of hand sanitizer
  • And access to unlimited disinfectant at workstations

Encourage them to clean their work areas daily. Have regular safety meetings and apply signage around the workplace. It’s no secret that confident employees are both productive and loyal.

3. Consider a Larger Space for Social Distancing

Social distancing will be a high priority among top talent. If your workspaces tend to be cramped, it’s time to consider a larger commercial space. If you’re looking to scale, contact us! We have plenty of commercial warehouse/office space in North Houston to help you grow. The best workplaces of 2021 will provide plenty of natural sunlight, ventilation and a beautiful view.

And finally, consider offering hybrid workspaces when appropriate.

4. Consider a Smaller Office Space for Hybrid Workers in 2021

2020 taught us that many employees are productive at home. Top C-suite employees and board members who once shunned the idea of Work From Home (WFH) have come to accept it and even love it!

Hybrid office workers are every bit as productive as traditional employees. And they may cost your organization less in terms of workers’ comp claims, commercial real estate, business machines and printing consumables. If you find your North Houston office needs diminishing, get in touch. The Hardy Properties team can help you find the smaller office space you need.

Ultimately, we are still learning to navigate the employment landscape in the wake of a pandemic.

About Hardy Properties at Intercontinental

Hardy Properties at Intercontinental is proud to provide the perfect business destination for organizations requiring flexible office and warehouse space near the Intercontinental airport. We’ve been busy renovating the park during the pandemic, and we’ve completed multiple projects to improve our buildings. We remain committed to making Hardy Properties at Intercontinental the finest industrial business park in North Houston.